Master Your Time And Effort In Kitchen With These Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

Food Grain Storage Container

Haus Alchemy Rice Dispenser, Grain Storage Container

  • 100% AIR TIGHT: Haus Alchemy grain storage barrel has good air tightness, can block moisture in the air and keep it dry, resulting the grain is guaranteed to be fresh and healthy.
  •  Cereal dispenser bin has a large capacity of 10Kgs that can meet the needs of your whole family.
  • It comes with Measurable Rice Cup For Kitchen

  • It is very suitable as your family granary to store various grains such as rice, flour, beans and so on.
  •  It can automatically distribute the amount of rice with just one tap, allowing you to easily take the right amount of cereals and rice.

J-hong 25 Lbs Rice Dispenser, Large Grain Container Storage with Lid Measuring Cylinder

  • 25 Lbs(11.3kgs) of large capacity can meet household needs
  • Scale window transparent visible
  • This container has a good airtightness, to ensure that the grains are dry, so that the grains are fresh and healthy
  • Package includes rice measuring cup with scale, which allows for accurate measure of amounts dispensed.
  • The food storage has a lid, which is well sealed, moisture-proof, and can keep out of mice, insects and other pests away.

JUKKRE Rice Dispenser Storage

  • 6 grids can hold small particles of food such as rice, millet, black rice, corn, red beans, mung beans, etc. 
  • Comes with a measuring cup, put it under the dispenser, press the button to take out the food, great for portion control and preventing food from spilling over
  • The lid has a built in insect repellent box
  • The top lid can be removed, and the large opening design makes it easy to add food.

AEXONIZ TOYS Kitchen Storage 6 Grid Container - Wall Mounted Cereal Food Dispenser

  • 6 grid wall mounted cereal dispenser
  • he transparent pulse cylinder can clearly understand the amount of food.
  •  The upper part of the rice barrel is covered with a transparent square box, and the lower part is a drawer-type grain picking device. 
  • Each time the food is taken, the button is pressed, then the pulses fall into the drawer, and then the rice is taken from the drawer.
  • The grain dispenser can be hung on the wall without taking up space and keeping the kitchen clean and tidy. 
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